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Here’s the thing.

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Jennifer Morrison | 2013 Billboard Music Awards


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I just love acting. I’ve never cared about whether or not people care about who I am.

“I’ve been single for a little while partly because I’ve been working so much and partly because I don’t want to settle. A lot of people run around and are real crazy in Hollywood, but I want to wait for it to be the right thing.”


You’ve probably never seen Jen Morrison without makeup,” Goodwin says of her friend. “She’s one of the more beautiful people on the planet. When she comes out of yoga, it’s stag-ger-ring.” (x)
The thing that’s so wonderful about Ginny is that she is sort of an open book,” says Jennifer Morrison. “She’s completely, 100 percent committed to it. In the wrong hands, any of these characters could seem ridiculous. (…) But Ginny makes Snow White a real person instead of a fairy-tale princess.” (x)

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